Refined And Raw Sugar

icumsa 45 is a highly refined sugar, and it is easily recognizable by its distinctive sparkling white color and pure sucrose taste. it is suitable for human consumption and use in a wide range of food applications. it is perpetually in high demand as it is the safest form of sugar, due to the fact that the refining process by which it is created removes the bacteria and contaminants often present in raw sugars. icumsa 45 is the world’s leading consumer sugar.

Product Name: Refined Brown Sugar
Process trpe: Refined
Color: white(sparkle)
ICUMSA Maximum 45 attenuation index Units (ICUMSA method #) 4-1978
Radiation: Within cS-137 of 50 BQ per kg
Polarization: 99, 80 % minimum
Moisture: 00.04% maximum
Sulphateash content: 00.04% maximum
Solubility: 100% dry and free flowing
Conductivity Ash:0.02% max.
Invert sugar: 0.027
Granulation: fine
Average Grain Size:0.06mm
Grain size 20Mesh :1.8 %
Grain size 100Mesh : 1.3 %
Metalic particle: none
Foreign matter: none

Free from dust particles
Free from pesticide
Pathogenic bacteria CFU/g: none
Yeast CFU/g :none
Mold CFU/g :none
Coliform CFU/g negative
Smell: Typical and specific for sugar
Magnetic particles: Mg/Kg 4 max
Sulphur Dioxide: 20 Mg/Kg min
Sediments: None
Reducing sugar: 0.05% Max by weight
HPN Staph Aureus: Not detected in 1 gram
Maximum AS: 1 P.P.M.
Maximum PB: 1 P.P.M.
Maximum CU: 3 P.P.M.
Substance: Solid Crystal
Crop: 2016
Shelf Life: 2 years
Fit for human consumption