Acacia Honey

The acacia honey assumes the water white, transparent, color, taste sweet, light yellow, with flos sophorae fresh scent, sophora japonica micro fragrance, not easy to crystallization, high ratio of fructose, fructose easily absorbed by the body to use, suitable for all people, for the fine honey, is a youth and the old ideal food;Locust glucoside and volatile oil, ocean HuaiMi also contains antibacterial, antiseptic and cough, protect spleen and nourishing the stomach, qingrejiedu, detoxification fat eliminating wrinkles disappear spot and body healthy atmosphere, can maintain normal resistance of capillary, diastolic blood vessels, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, prevent hardening of the arteries, is more suitable for cardiovascular patients health food, and is used to prevent stroke.Taking before bedtime can reduce the excitability of the central nervous system and act as a harmless hypnotic.Regular use of this kind of honey can improve people’s mood and achieve the effect of peace and tranquility.